June Pindacāra in Sri Petaling & Happy Garden

June Pindacāra in Sri Petaling & Happy Garden

Nalanda officers (from left) Bro. Choong Li, Bro. Yong, and Bro. Vincent Lee welcoming Ven. Ratana.

On Saturday 6 June, the monthly educational ‘Pindacāra’ (monks going on alms-round) Programme was once again held at Sri Petaling and Happy Garden markets.  Nalandians, devotees and volunteers gathered at Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre Kuala Lumpur at 7.30am to start the day with Pūja and chanting before proceeding to the nearby Sri Petaling market at 8.30am and subsequently, to Happy Garden market at 9.30am.

The ‘Pindacāra’ was carried out successfully with devotees and members of the public waiting in line for the arrival of Venerable Ratana to offer cooked food.

Ven. Ratana offering blessings to a devotee after the alms-round in Sri Petaling.

After the alms-round, Director of Nalanda Dharma School Sis. Sunanda gave a Dhamma talk back at NEO Centre about the dangers of craving, which is the source of suffering.  The gathering enjoyed listening to the meaningful talk with relevant stories quoted from the ‘Dhammapada’.

After the alms-round, Sis. Sunanda gave a Dhamma talk on the dangers of craving.

Nalandians concluded the day's programme with dedication of merits to all beings. Anumodana!

We thank Ven. Ratana from Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul and all devotees and volunteers for participating in this meaningful programme.  May the merits gained be shared with all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!

The next alms-round in Sri Petaling and Happy Garden will be held on Saturday, 4 July 2015. All are welcome.