Luang Por Amaro talks about happiness and love

Luang Por Amaro talks about happiness and love

Members and devotees listen attentively and are grateful for the opportunity to learn from Luang Por in person.

On Friday 21 June, Nalanda members and devotees were privileged to welcome Luang Por Amaro, the abbot of the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery to Nalanda Centre for the evening service and Dhamma talk.  Luang Por Amaro advised the congregation on the distinction between the two kinds of happiness and the two kinds of love which one can experience.

Worldly happiness and love undeniably bring about instantaneous gratification and are pleasing.  Yet, these are dependent on conditions that are fleeting and will eventually cause sorrow and pain to arise.  True happiness however is accompanied by the qualities of ease and peacefulness, whilst the unconditional love of mettā and karunā (loving-kindness and compassion) is benevolent and frees us from clinging.

Members welcoming Luang Por Amaro at Nalanda Centre.

A group photo with the congregation after the talk.

Looking through the exhibits at the Exhibition Room.

Bro. Charlie Teng brings Luang Por on a tour around Nalanda Centre.

Sis. Buddhini Tan thanked Luang Por for his visit and teaching.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Luang Por Amaro for guiding us to better understand the potential of the trained mind to experience these liberating states.  May Luang Por be blessed with good health, happiness and peace.

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“Every conditioned thing is unsatisfactory. Eventually we become dependent of wanting to get a lot of things.”

“The quality of contentment is not looking for something to happen, or stop happening in order to feel happy.”

Devotees ask questions to seek clarification.

Mundane love brings about sorrow eventually. Hence we need to let go of our habitual way of clinging to our dear ones.

Luang Por shared the story of King Pasenadi and Queen Mallika to illustrate how sorrow and pain come from those who are dear to us.

LP Amaro signing his autograph in the books he published, now available at Pustaka Nalanda.

We thank Bro. Sian Mah (2nd from left) for arranging Luang Por for the Dhamma teaching.

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