Luang Por Viradhammo talks about awareness

Luang Por Viradhammo talks about awareness

“When unwholesomeness arises , just be aware and do not blame yourself . Instead just pledge to do better.”

On Tuesday 19 December, Nalanda members and devotees joyfully welcomed Luang Por Viradhammo, Abbot of Tisarana Monastery in Ottawa back to Nalanda, 4 years after his last visit.  Grateful to learn from Luang Por in person, the congregation listened attentively to his talk about training the mind and to experience stillness within.

Awareness enables us to reduce attachment and unwholesome mental states.  For example, when we get irritated, we can be aware on our feeling of annoyance instead of focusing on what we are annoyed with.  Then we simply observe the rising and falling of the emotion.  This awareness distances us from it.  As a result, we do not develop attachment to the emotion which could lead to harmful speech and actions.

Devotees started the evening service with chanting.

Welcoming Luang Por with much respect.

Luang Por advised that self doubt is an insidious suffering & so don’t believe the mind. Instead see the self Doubt as an object.

It is important to have metta, sincerely, for ourselves.

He also advised us that it is important to practice Right Speech because that will help us in purification of the mind.

Knowing that hatred or anger has arisen is to be equally aware that there is a choice to not be hateful or angry.  We can instead steer the mind towards wholesome states such as kindness and compassion.  We extend our gratitude to Luang Por Viradhammo for his teachings, and in leading the meditation retreat currently on-going at Wisdom Park.  May Luang Por be blessed with good health and peace.

Devotees had the opportunities to ask questions to clear their doubts.

Attaching to our feelings allows them to run amok and wreck havoc in the mind.

The congregation thanking Luang Por for his compassionate advice and talk.

Members sending off Luang Por, with much gratitude in their hearts.