Make time to change on World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day, and time for us to reflect on what Mother Nature has been telling us for the past few months.  She showed us that when humans decide to perform only their essential activities, we can live in a cleaner and less polluted Earth.  When we make our lives simpler and restrain our desires, the environment worldwide immediately begins to heal.

We watched in amazement as the skies over many cities began to clear, and animals emerged from hidden views in quietened cities.  Although there had been efforts to restore the environment for decades, humans continue to waste a lot while biological extinction seems inevitable.  Forests had given way to factories, blue skies disappeared behind smog, and natural habitats become increasingly sparse for other species.  So, is it possible to maintain a way of life which can benefit nature in the long-term?

Most believe this to be impossible because it will put our economies in a great recession.  But maybe, there is a middle ground where we can live with fewer ‘wants’ so as not to deplete the world’s resources.  By being mindful of nature’s needs, we become thankful for every comfort it has afforded us and alert to its preservation.  Our contentment and gratitude protect the environment and enable us to live happier lives.

We have all the right resources such as technology to do this, but it is only possible if we have the right attitude.  Each of us can start small with low hanging fruits such as taking shorter showers, reducing use of disposable plastics and lowering our carbon footprint.  Simplifying our lives will reap tremendous benefits in the long run.  Let’s play our part and ‘Make Time’ for nature every day.