Malaysia marks 60th Merdeka Day

Malaysia marks 60th Merdeka Day

Today, 31 August 2017, Malaysians throughout the country and abroad mark our nation’s 60th Independence Day.  Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes all citizens a Happy ‘Merdeka Day’!

Six decades of relative peace and harmony have enabled Malaysia to grow from a third-world country to a newly-industrialised one.   The economy, infrastructure, health care, and general quality of life have improved tremendously over the years.

However, in order to move forward to greater success, our nation still needs to strengthen its political and governmental institutions, and enhance the quality of education for the masses.  Furthermore, the authorities have to eradicate systemic discriminations and banish racial and religious intolerance that at times threatens to tear the fabric of Malaysian society apart.

Only when we have set ourselves on the path of fairness, integrity and meritocracy can we join the ranks of truly developed nations in the world – achieving high socio-economic well-being, democratic freedom, and equality among all citizens.

We are nonetheless grateful to the successive governments at federal and state levels, the civil service, and patriotic citizens who have continuously performed their rightful duties to our nation, so that we get to enjoy the fruits of development and concord.

Thus, on this 60th anniversary milestone, let us all truly appreciate what makes Malaysia unique, and adore the abundant beauty of our wonderful country.  Dirgahayu Malaysia!

Watch this kaleidoscope of Malaysian cities, landmarks, and icons, played to the anthem ‘Negaraku’ by Michael Leaner and sang by Dennis Lau.