MCO 3.0 : Accepting changes

MCO 3.0 : Accepting changes

Reflections of a devotee

Today, the MCO has been reinstated in several states in Malaysia.  Yet, in comparison to our first experience of lockdown in March 2020, I can see that my fellow Malaysians are calmer and slightly less anxious compared to the first MCO.  Why?  Because we now know how uncertain things are, and our hearts are more accepting of these turbulent changes.

Reflecting upon uncertainty and the acceptance of change, I can see how easily this extends to my entire understanding of life – everything is indeed impermanent!  Whatever that I can or cannot control are all subject to change because they are conditioned phenomena.  What is there to be attached to?

My body is impermanent, so too my feelings, perceptions and thoughts.  So too my belongings, all the people around me, and all conditions in life.  Realising that impermanence underpins every aspect of our life, I began to develop more equanimity – a balance of emotions where I become more stable in reacting to the buffeting winds of change.

At the same time, it cannot be denied that the struggles and suffering experienced by many people due to the lockdown are real.  Wherever I can, I try to extend help to those in need both materially and spiritually.  No matter how small the gesture, I know that the support of another person can mean a great deal.

Join me in wishing those affected by this pandemic to have the strength to overcome adversities in life.  With mettā and karunā, let us also wish for the happiness, safety, well-being and peace of all beings.  Take care and stay safe.