Meaningful Patron’s Day Observance

Bro. Tan giving a Dhamma talk at Nalanda Patron's Day Observance on 18 March 2014.

On Tuesday 18 March, ‘Nalanda Patron’s Day’ was observed at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang to commemorate and appreciate all our donors, benefactors and volunteers who have contributed tremendously to the growth of Nalanda, and by extension, to the development of Buddhist education.

In this annual programme held at Nalanda since 2007, members and devotees would offer pūja for the well-being of all our benefactors, past and present, and also transfer merits to those who have passed away.

Bro. Teo Yew Thong and Sis. Ruby Tan representing the congregation to symbolically 'Transfer Merits' to departed benefactors.

Founder Bro.Tan gave a Dhamma talk on the “Four strings of clinging”, namely, the clinging to sensual pleasures, views, habits, and self.  It is by wise attention, energetic effort, insight, and firm determination that these ‘four strings’ are severed.

At the end of the programme, everyone present recited stanzas of blessings, and wished all Buddha-Sasana benefactors everywhere joy, peace, and liberation!  Sadhu anumodana.

The congregation reciting stanzas of blessings to honour benefactors, volunteers, and supporters.