‘Meditation Day’ for youths

‘Meditation Day’ for youths

Registration is open for this one-day retreat on “Thoughtfulness and heartfulness with Mettā”. All young adults are welcome to enrol for free.

Looking for a way out of mental clutter and achieve clarity of mind?  Take note of your mind and learn how to attain inner peace at the special ‘Meditation Day’ for young adults.  This free, beginner-friendly meditation retreat is open to youths from ages 16 to 29, and will be led by Nalanda founder, Bro Tan.

The theme for this edition of ‘Meditation Day’ is “Thoughtfulness and heartfulness with Mettā”.  Mettā is the mental quality of loving-kindness and friendliness.  It is the natural antidote to the pains of anger, ill-will, and enmity; it also helps resolve conflicts with people, and build harmonious relationship instead.

We invite you to come and discover the way to inner peace alongside 120 other friends!  Enrol now at: REGISTRATION PAGE.

Archive photograph of the previous ‘Meditation Day’ for young adults conducted by Bro. Tan.