Meditation Retreat by Sayalay Dipankara

There were many light moments as Sayalay encouraged us to progress our meditation practice.

On Saturday 16 November, more than 120 meditators gathered at Nalanda Centre to attend the 1-day meditation retreat conducted by Venerable Sayalay Dipankara.  Sayalay started by advising us that when we train our minds to be wholesome, our thoughts, action and speech will be harmless to ourselves and others.

To train our minds, we can cultivate and practice loving-kindness (mettā) every moment of the day.  Just as rain falls from the top of one’s head and flows to the body, we should also let mettā start from our mind and then to our whole body.  When we feel relaxed and at peace, we can then radiate mettā to other beings.

Sayalay paying respect to the Three Jewels upon entering the meditation hall.

Sayalay leading meditators in paying homage to the Buddha.

Sayalay reminded us that when we truly have loving-kindness, it is directed to all beings.

After the morning teaching session, meditators put into practice what they had learned.

We are grateful to all devotees who brought food for the offering to Sayalay.

Sayalay encouraged us to gain calmness and concentration by focusing on the breath.

We thank Sayalay for her compassion in conducting this meditation retreat at Nalanda Centre.

Sayalay guided meditators through the transition from mettā meditation to mindfulness of breathing, as well as how to gain calmness and concentration by focusing on the breath.  We must keep watch of wandering thoughts and let them pass instead of attaching to them.  We extend our gratitude to Sayalay Dipankara for her compassion in teaching us.  We wish Sayalay good health, peace and happiness.