‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ Course at NEO Centre KL

‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ Course at NEO Centre KL

Bro. Tan explaining ‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ - the gradual development of loving-kindness and goodwill.

Report by Grace Ng  |  Photographs by Rudy Gan

On Thursday 28 August, the first session of the seven-week ‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ Meditation Course commenced at NEO Centre, Kuala Lumpur.  Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan was at the Kuala Lumpur Branch to conduct the guided meditation session, which started at 8pm.

The 24 participants had the privilege to learn from Bro. Tan’s meditation encounters and challenges he experienced at a young age.  Bro. Tan advised on the importance of learning from a competent teacher and practising diligently to experience the effects of ‘Mettā Bhāvanā’.  Being honest with one’s teacher, maintaining an investigative mindset, and having the enthusiasm to learn, practise and progress are essential attitudes to cultivate.

Participants practising mindfully under good guidance and instructions.

This first session ended with an interesting and interactive Q & A session.  The participants were appreciative of Bro. Tan’s simple and clear teaching and guidance.  Everyone looked forward to next Thursday’s session and to continue with our practice.  Sadhu anumodana!

After the sitting session, Bro. Tan gave an easy to understand talk on meditation practice, which everyone enjoyed and appreciated.