‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ continues at NEO Centre KL

‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ continues at NEO Centre KL

Bro. Tan gave a talk emphasizing the importance and essence of mental training.

Report by Thong Fee Shen  |  Photographs by Rudy Gan

On Thursday 4 September, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch welcomed its members to the second session of the 7-week ‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ meditation course.  During group sitting, participants were skilfully guided by Bro. Tan, who reiterated that Mettā meditation is one of the antidotes to the three ‘mental poisons’ of greed, hatred and delusion.  Eliminating these three poisons will end suffering and lead to liberation from misery.

After the sitting session, Bro. Tan gave a talk emphasizing the importance of mental training, which is often overlooked.  We are usually very busy training ourselves with various skills and even physically, but often forget about the need to train the mind.  A trained mind seeks to understand, and can handle suffering better.  It could also experience a greater degree of mindfulness and happiness.

Sis. May Tan leading the chanting session before meditation began.

Bro. Tan went on to teach about the ‘five hindrances’ to our practice, namely (1) Sensual desire (Pāli: ‘kāmacchanda’); (2) Ill-will (‘vyāpada’); (3) Sloth and torpor (‘thīna-middha’); (4) Restlessness and remorse (‘uddhacca-kukkucca’); and (5) Doubts and skepticism (‘vicikicchā’). Bro. Tan advised that one has to put in earnest effort in order to weaken these 5 hindrances through time. When these ‘five hindrances’ are overcome, one would experience deeper peace and tranquility.

Inspired by the practical and beneficial teachings, devotees aspire to energetically weaken the hindrances in order to progress in their mental cultivation.  The session ended with dedication of merits to all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!