Nalanda Children’s Learning Camp 2012

Nalanda Children’s Learning Camp 2012

6 – 9 December

We love, we care and we share!

How often do you get to experience LOVE for 4 days continuously?  61 children of the recent “The Fruits of Metta” Children’s Learning Camp experienced unconditional love during their stay in at Nalanda Centre from 6 – 9 December 2012.  The camp aimed to impart the important message of love and also to expose participants to the practice of patience, endurance and mindfulness.

Radiating loving-kindness towards the whole world – above, below and all around.

This year, the camp was designed with lots of exciting activities, outings and sharings to maximize the participants’ learning opportunities.  The children had the opportunity to meditate and radiate metta at Serdang Hill where nature was abloom and tranquility was in abundance. Besides, participants also had a hands-on opportunity to spread their love to the animals in the National Zoo.

Daily house chores keeping the centre clean and conducive for learning.

At the end of the camp, the participants brought home the “fruits of Metta”, ready to plant the seeds in themselves and share the unconditional love with all beings.

Participants learned to overcome obstacles with Khanti (patience)!