Nalanda Johor Bahru hosted Ven. Kumāra

Nalanda Johor Bahru hosted Ven. Kumāra

Āyasma Kumāra giving a Mandarin Dhamma talk at NEO Centre Johor Bahru to a packed Shrine Hall.

Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch recently hosted Ven. Kumāra Bhikkhu from Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Taiping, from 7 to 10 April.  On Tuesday 8 April, Ven. Kumāra gave a Mandarin Dhamma talk at NEO Centre JB, with the title ‘如何面对负性思维和感受’ (“How to overcome negative thoughts and emotions” ).  The talk was most relevant as nowadays people are stretched and stressed beyond limit by many commitments and engagements.  The Shrine Hall was packed with devotees eager to enhance their well-being.

On Wednesday 9 April, Āyasma Kumāra had a story-telling session with Free School students and volunteers.  Āyasma advised all to instill motivation to learn, explore, discover and improve oneself to lead purposeful lives.

Āyasma Kumāra speaking with Nalanda Free School students.

During Āyasma’s stay at NEO Centre JB, he was also invited to Newcastle University of Medicine Malaysia for a Dhamma discussion with the undergraduates on managing negative emotions. With a positive and clear mind, one is able to make wise decisions.  The discussion was practical in deepening their understanding in living in accordance to Dhamma.

We thank Āyasma Kumāra for spending time at NEO Centre JB.  During his 4 day stay, Nalanda members and devotees put in extra effort in performing dāna and service, cultivating virtues, and learning the Dhamma.  May all of us continue to progress in the spiritual journey!

Ven. Kumāra also gave a Dhamma Talk at Newcastle University of Medicine Malaysia on 9 April.