Nalanda welcomes new batch of NS Trainees

Nalandian youths introducing themselves to the new National Service trainees.

Nalanda Youths are currently hosting the 2nd batch of National Service (NS) Trainees in 2014. Sporting their new uniforms, the 60 trainees from Semenyih Camp will be at Nalanda Centre every Sunday from 2pm – 5pm for three consecutive months.

In the first session, the trainees were introduced to the purpose of going to Buddhist centres, and the importance of having good friends.  There were engaging sharings by Sis. Nandini and Sis. Qi Hua.  Trainees also had the opportunity to “break the ice” with one another through interactive ‘get-to-know-you’ games.

Nalandian youths look forward to spending time and learning together with our new friends!

Sis. Qi Hua sharing about the importance of having good friends.