Nalanda Youth leaders visit PBUM 马大佛学会

Nalanda Youth leaders visit Persatuan Buddhis Universiti Malaya (PBUM) on 11 October 2013.

Nalanda Youth Centre leaders Bro. Yeo Disheng and Sis. Lim Sumanā visited the Universiti Malaya Buddhist Society (Persatuan Buddhis Universiti Malaya 马大佛学会) on Friday, 11 October to participate in their annual programme to welcome new student-members.  The whole day event was graced by the presence of Ven. Chi Chern (繼程法师) of Taiping.

It was a lively and meaningful programme whereby leaders of PBUM organized an exhibition with attractive activities to promote their Society to university freshmen.  Congratulations PBUM! May you grow from strength to strength!