National Service Trainees at Nalanda

National Service Trainees at Nalanda

Bro. Zhen Shun showing the trainees a short video clip on Nalanda.

On 12 January, Nalanda Youths hosted 60 National Service (NS) trainees from the Semenyih Camp for a Sunday Service from 2pm to 5pm.  Nalanda Youths aim to share and inspire the young trainees with the beautiful Dhamma during their next three months of weekly visits to Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.

Ice breaking games to help the trainees know each other better.

Explanations on offerings, paying respects, and Pāli chanting were given at the beginning of the session to facilitate learning and reflections.  Bro. Zhen Shun also shared about the types of friends stated in the Sigalovada Sutta.

The session ended with refreshments and a warm send off for the teenagers.  See you all again on Sunday, 19 January!