Nottingham Buddhist Society learns ‘kamma’ with Nalanda Youth

Nottingham Buddhist Society learns ‘kamma’ with Nalanda Youth

We rejoice in the learning spirit of the students at the Nottingham Buddhist Society!

On Thursday 9 November, Bro. Ajit Lim delivered a Dhamma talk about the universal law of cause and effect (‘kamma’ and ‘vipaka’) at Nottingham Buddhist Society’s weekly gathering. It was an apt topic for the university students, to help them better understand how to face the many vicissitudes of life.  With the knowledge that every intentional thought, speech and action has its corresponding effect, the students reflected on how they can better direct themselves towards wholesome behaviours and a more meaningful life.

On this occasion, Nalanda Youth leaders also joined the celebration of Nottingham Buddhist Society’s 14th Anniversary.  With many being alumni members and part of the Society’s history, they truly rejoiced in the progress of the university students’ continual and ardent efforts to learn Dhamma and support each other in their weekly gatherings.

Bro. Ajit was one of the past Vice President of Nottingham Buddhist Society and gladly returns to share the Dhamma.

Nalanda youth, Sis. Yeo Wei En (in red) is the immediate past President of the Society.

Nalanda Youth Leader Bro. Yap Kuan Yi sharing his reflections and time at Nottingham Buddhist Society when he was the President.

The session started with taking Refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Bro. Geh Jian Sheng welcoming everyone to the weekly meeting.

“Kamma gives us the determination to do good and be good, because we know that every cause has an effect.”

We congratulate Nottingham Buddhist Society on their anniversary, and commend all your past and present leaders and members for your service in bringing the Dhamma to others.  May the Society continue in its efforts unhindered and be well supported for the prolongation of the Buddha-Sasana.  Sadhu anumodana.

Students were quick to ask questions to clarify on this topic.

The group supporting each other in their learning.

Sis. Chen Zi Yi, Incumbent President of the Society, sharing a few words on the occasion of the Society’s anniversary.

The committee and alumni committee members together with Sis. Loh Pai Ling who is a strong supporter of the Society since its inception 14 years ago.

Sharing of merits to spiritual guides, teachers, family members, friends and to all beings.

Committee members and alumni deepen their sharing after the gathering.

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