Observing ‘Cheng Beng’ meritoriously

'Cheng Beng'

‘Cheng Beng’ can be observed with performing wholesome acts and dedicating merits to departed ones.

“Although ‘Cheng Beng’ (or ‘Qing Ming’, 清明节) was not originally a Buddhist tradition, it has nevertheless  been observed by Chinese Buddhists for centuries.  The Buddha taught that our duties towards parents and relatives do not end with their death.  After their demise, we should continue to honour them by performing wholesome, meritorious and noble deeds, and thereafter dedicate merits to them.

“According to Buddha’s teaching, it is not by burning paper paraphernalia, incantations or conducting rituals that we can help our ancestors.  It is through our wholesome acts and the dedication of merits that our departed relatives can truly benefit.  Performing meritorious deeds is helpful to the doer; and when the merits are dedicated to departed relatives, it helps them as well.”

– Excerpt of Dhamma talk by Bro. Tan