Officiating Nalanda Centre’s Annex Building

Officiating Nalanda Centre’s Annex Building

The Sangha members led by Ven. Sri Saranankara were welcomed by Head of the Building Team Ar. Ng Poh Kwang (right) and Project Director Bro. Lim (2nd from right).

On Friday 1 May, which was Nalanda Buddhist Society’s 12th anniversary, Nalanda Centre was filled with joy as 1,000 Nalandians and guests came to take part in the ‘Officiating Ceremony of Nalanda Centre Annex Building’.  We were honoured to have Ven. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Thero, Abbot of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple in Sentul, Ven. Nyanaramsi Thero, Abbot of Subang Jaya Buddhist Vihara, and venerable members of the Maha Sangha to offer blessings at the ceremony.

Members of the Maha Sangha reciting 'paritta' at the new Dhamma Teaching Hall of Nalanda Centre.

The programme started at 7.30pm with the offering of lights at all altars, led by the venerable monks.The thousand-strong congregation then participated in a traditional procession – “Buddha Abhisekhara”, followed by stage performances by Nalanda Dharma School students and felicitations by leaders of the Buddhist community.

Nalanda Dharma School students captivated the audience with their excellent shadow-play, dramatising the preciousness of Dhamma and the need to cherish it.

The Management and members of Nalanda Buddhist Society would like to thank all donors, benefactors, and well-wishers from all over Malaysia, Singapore and overseas for your tremendous support and contributions towards the completion of the Annex Building.

With much appreciation, we thank our dedicated Building Committee, all contractors, suppliers, workers and volunteers for your hard work in building us a wonderful ‘spiritual home’.  Sadhu!

The crowd outside was following the events held indoors through live video projection.

The crowd was hosted under a large canopy. The weather proved fantastic with a constant and gentle breeze blowing throughout the event.

There were stage performances as well as Dhamma sharing by monks, speakers, and invited guests at the officiating event.