Pilgrims start ‘Buddhayatra’ today

Pilgrims and well-wishers at KLIA this morning as the ‘Buddhayatra’ begins.

On the morning of 14 December, 68 pilgrims began their two-week ‘Buddhayatra’ (pilgrimage) to India and Nepal.  The spiritual journey led by Nalanda founder Bro. Tan will take the group through places associated with the life of our great Teacher, the Buddha, such as Uruvela, Rajagaha, Nalanda, Vesali, Kusinara, Lumbini, Savatthi, and Isipatana near Benares.

A ‘Buddhayatra’ is not a usual tour but rather a journey of faith with insightful learning, reflection, and spiritual growth, as we retrace the path taken by our Enlightened Teacher 2,600 years ago.  We wish all pilgrims a safe journey, the best of health, and right endeavour.  May this ‘Buddhayatra’ be insightful and inspiring for everyone!  Sadhu anumodana.