Pindacāra at Sri Petaling and Happy Garden

Pindacāra at Sri Petaling and Happy Garden

Nalanda KL Branch Chairman Bro. Eugene leading the way with Venerable monks going on alms-round.

On Saturday 3 May, Nalandians and devotees participated happily in our monthly Pindacāra (monks going on alms-round) at the Sri Petaling market and then at the Happy Garden morning market.

We were honoured to have 3 venerables from the Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Sentul to participate in the alms-round.  Sis. Sandy Lim gave a Dhamma sharing at Neo Centre in Happy Garden, followed by a Lunch Dāna to the Sangha members.

Devotees performing dāna with devotion.

We would like to thank all Nalandians, volunteers and devotees for participating in the Pindacāra.  May the merits from such meaningful deeds be shared with all beings. Sadhu anumodana!