Pindacāra in Taman O.U.G. and Happy Garden

Ven. Sri Saranankara and Ven. U Mangala on Pindacāra at Taman O.U.G. morning market.

On Saturday 7 December, Nalanda volunteers and devotees participated joyfully in our monthly Pindacāra (monks going on alms-round) at Taman O.U.G. and Happy Garden morning markets.  We were very honoured to receive 3 senior monks on alms-round, including the Abbot of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple Ven. Sri Saranankara Nayaka Thero, and Abbot of Tusita Hermitage Ven. U Mangala.

The day began at 7.30am, when devotees and volunteers gathered for Pūja and a short chanting at NEO Centre Happy Garden.  Everyone again headed back to NEO Centre after the Pindacāra for a Dhamma talk from 10am to 11am by Ven. U Mangala, a prominent meditation teacher.  That was followed by lunch dāna to the Sangha members at 11.30am.

Ven. U Mangala delivering a Dhamma Talk at NEO Centre Happy Garden after the Pindacāra.

We thank the venerable monks for their kind acceptance of our invitation to go on Pindacāra.  We also thank all our wonderful volunteers and devotees for participating in this joyous event.  Sadhu anumodana!

The next Pindacāra (and the last one planned for the year) will be held on Saturday 21 December, at Jalan Besar Seri Kembangan morning market.  All are welcome to take part in this meritorious act, and end the year with more wholesome deeds.