‘Pindacāra’ joyfully welcomed by the community

‘Pindacāra’ joyfully welcomed by the community

We are grateful to venerable sirs for joining us in this alms-round,

On Saturday 12 November,  the pindacāra (alms-round) programme re-commenced at the O.U.G and Happy Garden morning markets after the necessary pause due to the pandemic.  Nalandians started the wholesome event with morning puja and chanting at NEO Centre KL, and reached the markets early to engage with community.

Market-goers and stall owners were pleasantly surprised with the advent of the alms-round, but took the opportunity to swiftly prepare their offerings.  Many said they appreciated the opportunity to offer food and requisites to the monks again.  Upon their return to NEO Centre KL, venerable sirs led the congregation in meditation and chanting, and also gave advice (ovāda) on the importance of mindfulness in our spiritual cultivation.

We thank Nalanda Branch KL for their wholesome efforts in organising this programme again, even as the NEO Centre is in its final stage of completion.  We also rejoice in the generosity and kindness of the community in supporting the Sangha.  Sādhu anumodāna!

Briefing for volunteers at NEO Centre KL, which is still being fitted out with interiors.

Nalandians paying respect to Ven Dameta and Ven Aloka, who hail from Russia.

Enthusiastic response from public after a two-year hiatus

A parent guiding her child in making offerings.

Stall operators leave their stalls for a few moments to grab the opportunity to make an offering to the Sangha members.

Spirit of generosity, reverence and respect from both young and old.

Blessings by Venerable sirs back at the new NEO Centre KL that will be launched on 11 December.