Reflection connects learning to life

Take time to reflect on our day, feelings, actions and experiences so we can learn and improve.

Reflection is a process for us to connect the Dhamma with what we hear, see and experience.  Connecting what we have learnt to life’s experiences gives us deeper insights which transforms our perspectives towards these experiences and life itself.

The Buddha taught us to reflect on our actions, speech or thoughts and whether they are wholesome or unwholesome.  This reflection should be done before we act, while performing an action, and after the action has been taken.  Like looking in a mirror, our reflection will enable us to ‘see’ and analyse whether an action is beneficial or harmful to oneself, to others, or to both oneself and others.

Being a reflective practitioner creates pathways to deeper learning and is necessary for us to mature spiritually.  Make time and effort to reflect every day, so that we may live purposefully towards the end of suffering.