Rejoicing over Students’ Good Results

Rejoicing over Students’ Good Results

Nalanda Dharma School Director Sis. Sunanda Ong congratulating and interviewing Choo Yi Kang.

Nalanda Dharma School (NDS) and Nalandians are rejoicing over the achievement of our students who recently received their “Lower Secondary Examination” (PMR) results. Choo Yi Kang and Yeap Heng Yii obtained perfect scores in their exams. Yi Kang obtained 8A’s in his PMR exams, and another 8A’s in his “Unified Examination Certificate” (UEC) exams, making it a perfect attainment of 16A’s. Heng Yii similarly scored A’s in all 15 subjects he took in both exams.

But that is not the major thing that we are happy about. The fact is that our students did very well despite being heavily involved in many activities at Nalanda right up to the examination period. Yi Kang did not even ask for leave from Nalanda except for the final week before his exams! Similarly, those sitting for their O-Level (SPM) exams – Lih Herng and Zhen Shun – also did not go on study leave.

The School is very proud of our students’ commitment to excel academically, socially and spiritually.  Their achievement is proof that conscientious students can achieve good results while maintaining wholesome character.  Teachers and parents too play important roles in guiding their charges to achieve overall growth and well-being, and not just focusing on obtaining high scores academically.

When asked about his secret of success, Yi Kang pins it down to proper time management and the correct motivation to succeed.  Bro.Tan was also around to offer his congratulations to both students and parents.  He advised them to continue striving diligently, “as greater blessings lie ahead !”  We salute our committed and diligent students, as well as their supportive parents and teachers, for giving us much reason to rejoice!  Anumodana.