Exemplary Nalandian

31 December 2016

Year-long goodness worth celebrating

On Sunday 4 December, Nalanda members gathered in celebratory spirits for the final Members’ Day of 2016.  Founder Bro. Tan graced the big family gathering, commenting that 2016 has indeed been an amazing and successful year for Nalanda.  This success is also found in the intangible spiritual advancement of individual Nalandians.

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13 January 2016

Upbeat first Members’ Day for 2016

The first Nalanda Members’ Day meeting for 2016 was held last Sunday, 10 January.  It was an energetic event as the members were still in high spirits after successful Members’ Convention last month.

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21 December 2013

Rejoicing over Students’ Good Results

Nalanda Dharma School (NDS) and Nalandians are rejoicing over the achievement of our students who recently received their “Lower Secondary Examination” (PMR) results. Choo Yi Kang and Yeap Heng Yii obtained perfect scores in their exams. Yi Kang obtained 8A’s in his PMR exams, and another 8A’s in his “Unified Examination Certificate” (UEC) exams, making it a perfect attainment of 16A’s. Heng Yii similarly scored A’s in all 15 subjects he took in both exams.

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16 November 2013

Life is beautiful at Nalanda

Life is beautiful at Nalanda”, said Sis. Faith Teh when describing her volunteering experience at Nalanda.  I believe all Nalandians who embrace the spirit of ‘selfless service’ and strive for spiritual growth would understand the meaning of this phrase and attest to it based on their own experiences.

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15 November 2013

The word ‘retirement’ is not in my dictionary!

The journey of Sis. Felicia into Buddhism started 10 years ago, when Nalanda’s former President, Bro. Ee, introduced her to the Sunday pūja and Dhamma talks by Bro. Tan.

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9 March 2013

Volunteers’ Sharing – Gan Jia Cheng

Bro. Gan Jia Cheng Nalanda Dharma School Facilitator, and Officer in Photography & Archiving Team When I first came to Nalanda Centre, someone had told me that we ought to come in with "an open heart, and be as fresh as the first day, every day"! Since then, this advice has been the underlying mindset every time I come to Nalanda. By constantly staying fresh, this allows me to learn better and to always give my best in everything that I do. It also encourages me to find ways to improve myself, constantly.

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8 March 2013

Volunteers’ Sharing – Margaret Ng

Sis. Margaret Ng Treasury Officer Nalanda Buddhist Society Six years ago, a close friend recommended that I attend the talks and courses conducted at Nalanda. I was so inspired by each Dhamma talk here, as well as through the courses taught by friendly and knowledgeable Buddhist teachers. I was also touched by the Nalandians' warmth and spirit of courage and compassion. I have truly learnt a lot and believe I have become a better person.

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30 August 2012

Exemplary Nalandian – Ooi Choong Li

Interviewed by Yap Sze Yinn I do not often take the time to listen to other people’s stories, but the story of one of Nalanda’s dedicated volunteers has amazed me with his spirit and strong will to serve the community. Bro. Ooi Choong Li is one of Nalanda’s first volunteer Dharma School facilitators who is still serving this position five years later.

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1 April 2012

Free School Teacher – Khor Swee Moi

Exemplary Nalandian Volunteer Text by Yap Sze Yinn The first thing that strikes you upon meeting Ms Khor Swee Moi is how at ease she makes you feel. Helping others shed their shyness and muster the courage to share, learn and grow together, is second nature to this affable teacher of 12 years’ standing.

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1 February 2012

Free School Teacher – Lee Poh Peng

Exemplary Nalandian Volunteer Text by Yap Sze Yinn Mdm Lee Poh Peng is one of the most experienced teachers one might meet, with 27 years of teaching in the bag. For the last 5 years, she has been serving as the Deputy Principal of Serdang Baru Chinese Primary School, as well as carrying out her duties as a teacher-counselor.

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