Service Sunday Talk by Ananda Fong

Service Sunday Talk by Ananda Fong

Nalandians perform offerings to the Three Jewels on the last Sunday before Wesak celebrations in Malaysia.

At the last Service Sunday before Wesak celebrations in Malaysia, Nalanda organised a day-long programme based on ‘Samaggi’ – the cultivation of unity and harmony.  There were messages from the President Sis. Evelyn; advice from Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan; a Dhamma talk by Bro. Ananda Fong; and briefing for Wesak Day volunteers by Honorary Secretary, Bro. Pee.

Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn in her speech urged all Nalandians to put in more effort in cultivating ourselves as a good practitioner and good friend.  She quoted the ‘Dhammapada’ verse 194, and said that she was happy to see Nalandians working in unity and harmony to prepare for Wesak ‘Buddha Day’.

Bro. Tan reminding all of us that meritorious deeds are to be done joyfully, spiritually and with quality.

Bro. Tan advised everyone to remember the teachings of the Buddha in the midst of preparing for Wesak; meritorious deeds are to be done joyfully and spiritually.  He also reminded us to maintain peace, harmony, integrity, and caring attitude during this busy period.  Bro. Tan concluded his session by leading the congregation in dedicating merits to the victims of the massive earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April.

Bro. Ananda shared an interesting account on the life of Jivaka – the Buddha’s doctor.

Bro. Ananda presented an informative talk on ‘Jivaka’ – the Buddha’s doctor.  Bro. Ananda shared about Jivaka’s early years, his medical training, and his practice as a physician.  After which, Bro. Pee gave volunteers a briefing to prepare them for the upcoming Wesak events.  With ample opportunities to learn Dhamma and perform wholesome deeds, it was indeed another Sunday well-spent at Nalanda Centre!  Sadhu anumodana.

After the Dhamma sharing, Bro. Pee held a short briefing session for volunteers to prepare for the Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ Observance.