Service Sunday with Sis. Santi

Service Sunday with Sis. Santi

"We take refuge in the Three Jewels as protection for oneself from unmindfulness, wrong views, heedless actions, speech and thoughts", advised Bro. Tan.

On Sunday 12 July, devotees were delighted to have Nalanda Founder, Bro. Tan’s presence during the morning Service. He gave a short teaching on the significance of taking refuge in the ‘Three Jewels’. Bro. Tan also advised us on how we can protect ourselves by being mindful and having disciplined thoughts.

Sis. Santi continued the session by quoting Anguttara Nikāya (AN 10.17) – ‘Natha Sutta’ : Protectors. The Buddha advised monks to live with ‘protection’, and one without a ‘protector’ lives with suffering.`

Devotees meditating to calm the mind during Service Sunday.

The ten qualities that serve as ‘protection’ are – (1) Virtue; (2) Much learning; (3) Having good friends; (4) Easy to be advised; (5) Attend to work skilfully and diligently; (6) Love for the Dhamma; (7) Arouse energy for wholesome states to arise; (8) Contentment; (9) Mindfulness; and (10) Wisdom.

“The next quality is ‘love for the Dhamma’. One who is filled with joy pertaining to the Dhamma and discipline”, mentioned Sis. Santi.

Devotees were thankful for the sharing and raised questions to clarify and deepen their understanding on the Dhamma learnt. Sadhu!

Devotee clarifying her doubts during the Q & A session.