Special forum at Parents Induction Programme

Special forum at Parents Induction Programme

A joyful group photo after a wholesome morning.

Last Sunday 12 May, Nalanda Dhamma School hosted a special forum for the final session of the Parents Induction Programme.  Parents listened intently to the panellist of Dhamma School graduates who shared how their lives had improved over the years because of Dhamma learning and cultivation from young, as well as the development of kalyana mittata (spiritual friendship) which continue to support them today.

Having experienced for themselves the joy of Dhamma, Bro. Yeo Disheng, Sis. Ng Xelynn and Sis. Lim Cai Pei echoed each other’s zeal for service, driven by gratitude.  With a will to repay those who have made it possible for them to learn Dhamma, they are also paying-it-forward by availing the same for others.  Participants rejoiced in their wholesome journey, and were energised themselves to persist in Dhamma cultivation as a family.

Devotees joining in to make offerings to the Three Jewels.

The forum is hosted by Dhamma School Facilitator Sis. Poh Chin Hui.

The service starts with meditation and morning chanting.

Sis. Lim Cai Pei shares how she has grown in her mentality and maturity with Dhamma School.

Sis. Ng Xelynn now serves as a Dhamma School facilitator.

Everyone relished the experiences shared by the young panellists.

In this special finale which falls on Mother’s Day, Dhamma School students prepared and presented hand-made flowers for all mothers and mother-figures to express appreciation for their love and care.  We thank Nalanda Dhamma School hosting this inspiring learning and gratitude session.  Sadhu anumodana.

Bro. Disheng is amongst the first batches of Nalanda Dhamma School graduates.

Parents get to ask questions to better understand the impact of Dhamma on their lives.

Participants of PIP shared about their own learning journey so far at the rejoicing session.

Sis. See Hui Shien thanks all the parents for their keen participation and hopes that they will continue to learn together with their children.

Dhamma School students present a song as part of the Mother’s Day celebrations.

Presenting flowers to all the lovely mothers.