Spiritual gathering on Māgha Pūja with Ven. Pemaratana

Spiritual gathering on Māgha Pūja with Ven. Pemaratana

We thank Ven. Pemaratana for spending this important meaningfully with us at Nalanda and Wisdom Park. May Bhante be blessed with good health, strength and energy in your endeavours in the States.

On Monday 6 March, Nalanda members and volunteers warmly welcomed Ven. Dr. S. Pemaratana, Abbot of Pittsburgh Buddhist Centre, on his first trip back to Malaysia since the pandemic.  The visit started with a tour around the Wisdom Park campus and an introduction to this educational facility dedicated to train Buddhist leaders and develop Dhamma teachers.

On this auspicious day of the Magha Full-moon, Ven. Pemaratana gave a Dhamma talk on the ‘Path of Purification’ to devotees who gathered to commemorate ‘Magha Pūja’ at Nalanda Centre.  He reminded us that when we put effort to purify and train our mind in every moment, we can change mere understanding to personally experiencing the universal truths as taught by the Buddha.

Welcoming Ven. Pemaratana on his maiden visit to Wisdom Park.

Sis. Ai Li bringing Venerable on a tour of the Management Centre.

Sis. Paru and Dr. Chen with Ven. Pemaratana at the Reflective Pond.


We extend our appreciation to Ven. Pemaratana for giving us the opportunity to learn more about these factors which helps us progress in our spiritual journey.  We humbly invite venerable sir to visit us again at Nalanda on his next trip to Malaysia, and wish him good health and success in his noble endeavours.  To listen to Ven. Pemaratana’s talk, please click here .

Venerable adjourned back to Nalanda Centre for the Uposatha Service where the significant Māgha Pūja Day was observed.

Bro. Dexel leading the congregation in observing the 8 precepts and evening chanting.

Devotees respectfully welcome Ven. Pemaratana for the Dhamma talk.

Venerable expounded on the Ratha-vinita Sutta that talks about the path to purification.

“Purification of conduct starts with a basic understanding of the Four Noble Truths.”

Devotees listened attentively to the explanation of venerable sir’s talk.