Strive through to establish our practice

Strive through to establish our practice

A group photo with devotees and venerable monks.

On the evening of 26 April, Ajahn Achalo delivered a Dhamma talk at Nalanda Centre on ways to make progress spiritually so that our lives become more meaningful.  A good start is to ground ourselves in wholesome practices such as daily chanting and meditation.  For many, this requires much effort and determination at first, because of our internal inertia and external distractions.

Ajahn relayed that we should not wait for the day when we feel inspired enough to start.  We should just make the commitment and compel ourselves to do it.  Eventually, we will experience the joy and calm from our practice which will also act to reinforce our zeal to persist.  The mind will become brighter and clearer, as well as more developed in virtues such as kindness and compassion.

“Time is fleeting and we should use it wisely to progress ourselves in Dhamma.”

Welcoming Ajahn to Nalanda Centre.

Devotees respectfully welcome Ajahn to the hall.

Starting the service with evening chanting.

Ajahn Achalo led the congregation in the sharing of merits.

We extend our gratitude to Ajahn Achalo for his candid teaching and leading us to reflect on this year’s Buddha Day theme of ‘Peace begins with Me’.  Let us heed his advice and be unrelenting in our spiritual endeavours.  Sadhu.

Putting parameters on how much time we spend on social media is a needed discipline today.

“Establish mindfulness in the morning and set that intention to be mindful throughout the day.”

After the talk, devotees had opportunities to ask questions.

Leaders seek advice from Ajahn before the evening service.