Students cultivate peace with Ajahn Dton

Students cultivate peace with Ajahn Dton

May all our young participants keep Ajahn Dton’s teachings close to heart.

On Saturday, 25 May, over 60 students and youths spent a day learning and cultivating mindfulness with Ven. Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno, co-abbot of Wat Pah Boon Lorm, Ubon Ratchathani.  It was an inspiring gathering of youths aged 16-23 eager to learn and practise the Buddha’s teachings of Peace in conjunction with the Buddha Day Observance at Nalanda.

Ajahn Dton gave teachings on how to cultivate peace within, and also guided participants in sitting, walking and eating with mindfulness.  He shared that to experience true peace, the foundation of sīla, samādhi and pañña needs to be developed, and to gradually eradiate the strong sense of “me” which leads to grasping and attachments.  To start this journey towards peace, he advised to seek good spiritual friends and role models whom we can look up to, and steer us in the right direction.

“On this journey, the Five Precepts form a foundation for peace in ourselves. While we remain secure from harm through adhering to these precepts, we also effect others to be free from harm.”

Ajahn guides the students in standing meditation as well.

Students share their insights after group discussions.

We extend our appreciation to Ajahn Dton for conducting this retreat, and to Nalanda Youth Centre, volunteers and participants for your support.  May we keep Ajahn’s advice close to our hearts so that the peace within us can strengthen and positively influence those around us.

Joyful learning with good friends.

For many students, it was their first time practising walking meditation.

Presenting a token of appreciation to Ajahn Dton for his guidance.