‘Svagatam’ Induction Programme

Sis. Nandini explaining some aspects of the Buddhist culture.

On Sunday 11 January, devotees and parents were glad to attend a ‘welcoming’ Induction programme after the morning session of meditation, Pūja and chanting.  The 5-session programme aims to provide the essential knowledge on living in accordance with the Dhamma for the participants.

Director of Nalanda Centre, Sis. Nandini led the session with a few facilitators doing demonstrations for participants’ easy understanding.  She explained in detail on some aspects of Buddhist culture and the importance of mindfulness in speech and conduct.

One of the Parents sharing his views.

It was a “special” discovery for the participants after understanding the meaning of greetings, proper way of paying respects and graceful movements as they shared during the reflection session.  We thanked Sis. Nandini for the fruitful sharing. Sadhu!

Participants listening attentively to the explanation of paying homage to the Buddha.