30 September 2012

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

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31 August 2012

Nalanda’s Merdeka Day Message 2012

As we celebrate our nation’s 55th Independence Day, let us be thankful and reflective on all the blessings we have so far enjoyed.  Admittedly Malaysia is not paradise, nor is it the ‘best’, nor ‘safest’, nor ‘happiest’ country in the world.  That’s all very subjective.  Still, there is much for us to celebrate, such as our climate, our fertile land, our abundant resources, our cultural diversity, and our wonderful people.

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16 May 2012

Happy Teachers’ Day 2012

Message from Bro H S Tan, Founder of Nalanda

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5 May 2012

Happy Wesak 2012!

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30 April 2012

Happy Wesak Buddhist Era 2556

Being Well begins with Me !


Wesak Day commemorates the three-fold events in the life of the Buddha – His Birth, His Enlightenment and His Passing Away. This year’s celebration marks the 2600th Anniversary of Buddhism. It was through the Buddha’s way of virtuous living and insightful practice that he developed the true understanding to gain liberation from suffering. His lofty attainment of Ultimate Peace was taught compassionately to benefit all beings.

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1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

As we usher in 2012, let us reflect on the many memorable achievements of Nalanda Buddhist Society in the past year. We observed the 8th Anniversary of the Society and the 1st Anniversary of the Buddhist Community Alliance on 1 May. We acquired a new 3-storey building to cater for our projected expansion; embarked on a ‘Transformation Programme’; introduced our Core Values; and improved on our Management Structure, Systems, Resources, Facilities and Human Capital. We also established the first Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur, to commemorate the 2,600th Year of Buddhism. A resounding ‘Sadhu‘ to everyone for the amazing energy and marvelous effort in achieving all that and more in a mere 12 months! Read more