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5 March 2013

Sangha Nāyaka of Malaysia

Nalanda Patron’s Day will be observed over 3 days from 16 – 18 March, with a wholesome line-up of meaningful educational programmes.  18 March 2013 marks the 95th birth anniversary of our late Spiritual Advisor, Venerable Kirinde Sri Dhammananda.  The late venerable was an erudite monk fondly known as the “Sangha Nāyaka of Malaysia”.

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31 August 2012

Nalanda’s Merdeka Day Message 2012

As we celebrate our nation’s 55th Independence Day, let us be thankful and reflective on all the blessings we have so far enjoyed.  Admittedly Malaysia is not paradise, nor is it the ‘best’, nor ‘safest’, nor ‘happiest’ country in the world.  That’s all very subjective.  Still, there is much for us to celebrate, such as our climate, our fertile land, our abundant resources, our cultural diversity, and our wonderful people.

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4 July 2012

Lord Buddha’s Relics presented to Malaysian Buddhists

In January 1898, an archeological survey team led by Peppe were excavating near the present-day Indian-Nepali border at Piphrawa.  Peppe’s team discovered a ruined stupa, believed to be the site of ancient Kapilavatthu.  During the excavation, a sandstone box, which contained jewels, ornaments and small urns, was discovered among the ruins.

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2 July 2012

Buddhism in Malaysia

"The Buddha had exercised a profound influence on human civilization, and his teachings and example had provided the ethical and moral underpinnings of many societies. His teachings were based on the law of release from suffering, leading to spiritual enlightenment."

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