2 July 2012

Buddhism in Malaysia

"The Buddha had exercised a profound influence on human civilization, and his teachings and example had provided the ethical and moral underpinnings of many societies. His teachings were based on the law of release from suffering, leading to spiritual enlightenment."

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1 July 2012

Buddhist Traditions

Buddhism is a major world religion that developed from the teachings of the Buddha-the Awakened One. It is a uniquely insightful practice that is not based upon beliefs in divinity nor reliance on others for one’s salvation; but on developing right understanding and living a virtuous life to gain liberation from suffering.

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1 May 2012

Nalanda Bulletin Issue No. 9

The bi-monthly Nalanda Bulletin contains reports on Nalanda’s just-concluded activities, as well as highlighting our upcoming events.  It provides important information on Nalanda’s programmes and progress.

Nalanda Bulletin Issue No 9

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