A Spiritual Celebration for Teachers’ Day

A Spiritual Celebration for Teachers’ Day

16 May 2012

Practice of meditation in honour of our teachers

Practising meditation and reflecting on gratitude, in honour of our teachers.

In Malaysia, 16 May is celebrated as Teachers’ Day.  At Nalanda, we expressed our appreciation and gratitude to all teachers through two types of Puja (offerings), that is Patipatti Puja where we performed wholesome deeds – dana, meditation and chanting to honour our teachers, and Amisa Puja which is giving our teachers presents.  Nalandians also shared about how their lives were transformed by inspiring teachers.

Following from this meaningful celebration, let us continue our spiritual cultivation by taking it deeper during the upcoming Gimhāna Dhamma Retreat at Nalanda.  For seven weeks starting from this Sunday, 20 May 2012, Nalandians are coming together to know ourselves better, and penetrate the Dhamma more deeply through guided, progressive, communal and personal practice.  The session is from 9am – 12pm, after which we will partake lunch together.  Please wear comfortable attire, i.e. a white top with sleeves and dark-coloured long pants.

All are invited to join us during this wholesome period to learn and practise together whole-heartedly as spiritual friends on the path towards peace and bliss!  Ehipassiko!