Thank you for a marvellous year!

Thank you for a marvellous year!

2016 had been another great year for Nalanda.  With the full-functioning of facilities in Sri Serdang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Petani, we were able to host many more people who came to learn and practise Dhamma.

Nalanda organised many impactful programmes that drew great response from the community, including large-scale Dhamma-Living Camps and Meditation Retreats for Young Adults.  We were heartened to see an influx of youths to learn Dhamma at Nalanda Centre.  This truly augurs well for the future of Buddha-Sāsana.

In 2017, Nalanda will embark on two landmark expansion projects – (1) the building of K. Sri Dhammananda Centre in Sri Serdang, and (2) the construction of Wisdom Park’s first facility in Hulu Selangor.  These educational facilities will have a tremendous impact on the growth and development of Malaysian Buddhist community in years to come.

Nalandians are very grateful for all the support given to us to accomplish such important undertakings.  We would like to thank our generous benefactors, donors, volunteers and supporters for journeying with us on this wonderful path of Dhamma.  Let us look forward to 2017 with increasing faith, courage and determination.

Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes everyone a ‘Happy and Peaceful New Year’ ahead!  May we continue to live wisely in accordance with Dhamma.  May all beings be well.