“The Buddha’s Path to Deliverance”

“The Buddha’s Path to Deliverance”

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

What can we do to make this Wesak a meaningful day?  Besides participating in religious activities at Buddhist temple or centre, we can also read a book on Buddhism and share our understanding with family members and friends.

Wesak Day is an occasion for us to commemorate the three important events in the life of the Buddha – His Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away.  By reflecting on the honourable personality of the Buddha, and acting upon His teaching to the world – ‘Way to Peace’, humankind can live free from strife, and achieve well-beings in its entirety.

Book Title : The Buddha’s Path to Deliverance
Author : Venerable Nyanatiloka Thera
Publisher : Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Topic : Concepts, Teachings & Practice


This anthology from the Pali Canon charts the entire course of spiritual development as recorded in the ancient Buddhist texts. Drawing upon the words of the Buddha, the commentary is arranged in accordance to the threefold training in morality, concentration, and wisdom, and the seven stages of purification.

The book is available for loan at Pustaka Nalanda in Sri Serdang.  For more information about the Pustaka, please visit  http://nalanda.org.my/pustaka/