The ‘Silver Lining’ Awards Presentation

The ‘Silver Lining’ Awards Presentation

Nalanda youths, participants and guests joyfully posing with the exhibits after the Awards Ceremony.

On Saturday 16 May, the “Silver Lining” Photography Competition Awards presentation was held at Nalanda Centre, attended by nearly all prize recipients, their families and friends.  The ceremony marked the close of Nalanda Youth Centre’s two-month campaign to raise awareness on the importance of kindness and compassion in society.

During the Awards Ceremony, the top 20 participants were not only presented with their well-deserved prizes, they were also treated to a profound Dhamma talk by Nalanda Founder, Bro Tan.  He spoke about how performing random acts of kindness can bring about happiness to the doer and beneficiary; but there is more to be cultivated.  True kindness is not in ‘doing good’, but in ‘being good’.  By living a harmless and wholesome life, we truly deserve to be labeled ‘human-KIND’.

Bro. Tan gave a wonderful Dhamma talk on 'what true kindness is' to the assembly.

Nalanda Youth Centre would like to thank all organisers, sponsors, participants, and selfless volunteers who contributed to the success of this inspiring project.  May we all continue to be “Silver Linings” to the world!

(From left) Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn Chow presenting prizes to 1st Place Sun Shin Tat, 3rd Place Jacqueline Khoo, and 4th Place Lim Chin Hong.

(From left) Prizes were presented to Nathynie Arokianathan, Law Boon Hee, and Anusia Nadarajan.

Youth members posing with the refreshments they prepared for guests.