Triumphant return from the United States

Bro. Tan advising the Nalandian youths to constantly strive for further progress, and to live not just for themselves, but for the welfare and happiness of many.

Nalandian Youth Lim Jie Sheng has returned to Malaysia after spending 6 months as an exchange student in Indiana, U.S.A.  In May, Jie Sheng did Nalanda proud when he became the first Nalandian to give a Dhamma talk in the United States.  After paying respects to his teachers at Nalanda upon his return, Jie Sheng handed the Buddhist and Nalanda Flags he had brought along to the U.S.A. back to Bro Tan.

Bro.Tan congratulated Jie Sheng on his successful sojourn in the U.S.A. and advised him to strive for further progress.  Bro. Tan urged young Nalandians to live not just for their own pleasure and interests, but for the welfare and happiness of others as well.

“Young people keep receiving from others.  Matured people start giving to others.  If we have grown up but still expect to receive and not give, then we have not quite matured.”

– Bro Tan.