UPM Buddhist Society Meditation Group

Venerable Chi Xiang (持向法师) giving the UPM undergraduates a Dhamma talk after meditation.

On Thursday 2 October, the Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Buddhist Society had another session of group meditation at Nalanda Centre.  The sitting session was led by Venerable Chi Xiang (持向法师), who also gave the undergraduates a Dhamma talk.  The UPM Meditation Group and Ven. Chi Xiang are regular visitors to Nalanda, having held many weekly sessions as well as a meditation retreat here.

Nalanda Centre often hosts various university groups for their own programmes and activities. Nalanda has been strongly and consistently supporting the running of Buddhist activities in universities and colleges throughout Malaysia since 2003.

Ven. Chi Xiang who is a regular visitor to Nalanda Centre, having a chat with Sis. Nandini.