Ven. Jutipañño shares that fate is in our own hands

Ven. Jutipañño shares that fate is in our own hands

“Our volitional actions will reap the commensurate kamma.”

On Sunday 14 January, devotees from across the Klang Valley came together to learn from Venerable Jutipañño, Abbot of Dhamma Light Meditation Centre.  In his Dhamma talk, Ven. Jutipañño started with the fact that many people worry about what life holds for them when in actuality, a good and blessed life is developed through our own volitional actions.

The five basic conditions that lead to a blessed life start with good health and long life.  The second is to have sufficient wealth and stable financial support.  The third and fourth are having harmonious and respectful relationships with family, friends and co-workers, whilst the fifth is to have the blessings of mental well-being and cultivation of wisdom.

Welcoming venerable monks at Nalanda Centre.

Nalanda leaders greeting Ven. Jutipañño.

Devotees delighting in Ven. Jutipañño’s sense of humour.

Venerable sir reminded us maintaining good and harmonious relationships with others is important for our well-being.

We should always be heedful that we are the owners of our actions and heir to our actions.  By keeping the Five Precepts well and upholding harmlessness to ourselves or others, we will not only live comfortably but also develop deeper happiness and satisfaction in life.  We thank Ven. Jutipañño for this timely reminders and wish him a fruitful year ahead.  Click this link to access the full Mandarin Dhamma talk

Taking the opportunity to ask questions.

Ven. Jutipañño used similes and examples which everyone could relate to.

He answered questions candidly and with compassionate advice for devotees.

Devotees had the opportunity to offer lunch dana to venerable monks.

Bro. Louis Chan offered the Nalanda publication ‘Little Jewels’.

We thank Ven. Jutipañño for his kind advice and guidance. We hope that Bhante will come back to Nalanda again when he visits the Klang Valley.

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