“Walking the World”

“Walking the World”

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book title : Walking the World
Author : Ven. Ajahn Sundara
Publisher : Amaravati Publications
Topic : Concepts, Teachings and Practice


The Buddha teaches that the world is to be found ‘in this fathom-long body’.  Suffering and the cause of suffering, liberation and the path leading to liberation, are all to be found right here – in this mind, in this body.

Ven. Ajahn Sundara exhorts us to have the courage to really look at ourselves ‘as we are’.  If we see fear, anger, greed, lust and shame, or any ‘uncomfortable’ states while dealing with others, that’s not a sign that our practice has gone wrong – seeing these states is the practice.  The Buddha taught us to look deeply at these things and know them for what they are.  In this compilation of talks, Ajahn Sundara reassures us that this is the path of the Buddha, and it is a path worth walking, for it leads to great joy, unshakable peace, and liberation.