Weekly Meditation and Dhamma Sharing

Weekly Meditation and Dhamma Sharing

Sis. Santi facilitating a group discussion after the Dhamma sharing.

On Wednesday 22 July, devotees earnest in learning the Dhamma, gathered at Nalanda Centre for their weekly group meditation practice.  After the sitting meditation, Sis. Santi shared about the “The Removal of Distracting Thoughts”, quoting from Majjhima Nikāya (MN 20) – Vitakkasanthāna Sutta”.

Sis. Santi elaborated that if unwholesome thoughts connected with desire, hate and delusion arise, we can use the following methods to remove the distracting thoughts.  There are (1) Pay attention to  thoughts that  are  wholesome; (2) Examine the danger in those distracting  thoughts which are unwholesome; (3) Take efforts to forget those distracting and unwholesome thoughts; (4) Take efforts to still the formation of those  unwholesome thoughts; and (5) With concerted effort to overcome unwholesome thoughts with wholesome thoughts.

Devotees listening attentively to the Dhamma sharing.

With these methods, one’s mind will be able to be calm and focus.  We thanked Sis. Santi for the sharing and the weekly meditation session concluded with dedication of merits to all beings.   Sadhu anumodana!