Welcome to Malaysia, bhante

Venerable T. Seelananda at Nalanda Centre in 2015.

File photograph of Ven. T. Seelananda during his last visit to Nalanda Centre in 2015.

Nalanda Centre warmly welcomes Venerable T. Seelananda Mahathera on his Dhammaduta tour of Malaysia from 11 – 25 March 2017.  Ven. Seelananda is the Deputy Abbot of Bhāvanā Society in West Virginia, USA.  He regularly conducts meditation retreats and Dhamma studies throughout North America and Europe.

We invite everyone to offer Ven. Seelananda breakfast and lunch dāna on Sunday 12 March, at 7am and 11am respectively.  Kindly offer food which is sugar-free and low in carbohydrate.

Do attend a Dhamma talk by Ven. Seelananda from 10am to 11am on Sunday as well.  We look forward to welcoming everyone at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.  Thank you.



Ven. T. Seelananda’s 2017 Dhammaduta tour to Asia is at the invitation of Buddhist Fellowship of Singapore.  Nalanda Buddhist Society is honoured to be appointed the coordinator of the Malaysian leg of his tour.