What is the highest delight?

What is the highest delight?

Delightful meditation.

“Of all kinds of delights, the delight in Dhamma is the most excellent”. – Dhammapada v.354

“‘Delight’ means experiencing joy, pleasure, and happiness.  The Buddha described that of all delights, the delight in Dhamma is most excellent (Pāli – “Sabbaratim dhammarati jinati”; Dhammapada verse 354).  Why is that so?

“Because the most common form of delight is sensual pleasure, which is widely craved for (Pāli – “kamatanhā”) by sentient beings.  Sensual delights occur when craving is fulfilled; however, they do not last long.  As soon as one craving is fulfilled, another desire comes along… the result is an incessant quest for fulfilment and the inevitable unsatisfactory feeling (“Dukkha”) at the end of the day.

Feeling frustrated.

Frustration is a common feeling when our desires are always not met. But how can it be possible that all our cravings are fulfilled?

“When craving is not met, beings suffer disappointment and frustration.  They may even get angry, or become jealous of others.

“On the other hand, delight in Dhamma is experienced when our minds turn inward and feel contented within.  The mind becomes joyful when it renounces craving (“Nekkhama”) and feels a deep sense of satisfaction (“Santhutthi”).  Hence, the delight in Dhamma will not result in any disappointment or vexation.  That is why it is far superior and most excellent compared to delights brought about with craving and attachment…”