Who wins? Who loses?

Win or lose?

The Buddha commented that ultimately, both worldly victory and defeat are unsatisfactory.

While the world is gripped in suspense on the outcome of the fiercely-fought U.S. Presidential Elections, it is opportune for us to reflect on the timeless truth of the Buddha’s teaching:

Jayam veram pasavati; dukkham seti parājito.  Upasanto sukham seti, hitvā jayaparājayam

“Victory breeds hatred; the defeated lives in pain.  The peaceful one lives happily, having given up victory and defeat.” – Dhammapada verse 201.

The Buddha said this after a king lamented that he had been thrice defeated in battle.  The Buddha commented on the unsatisfactory consequences of both defeat and victory, and described how a noble person has gone beyond the desire for worldly victories.