Youthful ‘Night of Togetherness’

Youthful ‘Night of Togetherness’

Nalandian youths and friends had a great evening of celebration which brought out the meaning and spirit of ‘right friendship’.

On 30 September, Nalanda Youth Centre organised a special gathering to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous potluck dinner, before delving into a Dhamma sharing on “Right Friendship” by Sis. Sunanda Ong.

The youths learned that right friendship means having friends who possess four essential qualities, namely: faith, virtue, generosity, and wisdom.  Sis. Sunanda also spoke about her personal experience on how right friends had guided her days in university.

Sis. Sunanda giving a Dhamma talk at the youthful gathering.

After the talk, everyone tried their hands in making lanterns out of paper cups.  The joyful youths expressed gratitude for the warm-hearted friends they found at Nalanda who made for wise companionship and social support through challenges in their lives.  Sadhu!

We thank everyone for bringing fun, food and friends to the Mid-Autumn celebration at Nalanda Youth Centre!  See you again soon.