Youthful support for ‘Family Fun Fair’

Nalanda youths rally around 'Family Fun Fair’ organiser Sis. Evelyn in a show of solidarity!

Throughout the past weeks, Nalandian youths have been working quietly to support the upcoming Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’.  The youths are very much at the forefront of this fund-raising event – volunteering to operate stalls, handle visitors, and arranging logistics. Many of them are in fact ‘veterans’ of the ‘Fun Fair’, having been involved in this annual event since their Nalanda Dharma School days.

This Sunday 24 August, their ‘experience’ and youthful zest will be put to good use as Nalanda welcomes thousands of visitors to Sri Serdang.  We look forward to seeing everyone at Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’! Your support means a lot to us.  Thank you and mettā.